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Do you want to improve productivity?

Productivity + Employees

Improve productivity: one person at a time, one step at a time.

Bring oneatatime in your company: it's the only system working on the body, emotions and mind of your employees.


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Target with energy symbol.


How is the productivity of a low energy person? And yet most of the time management methods ignore this fact.
First of all, oneatatime takes care of the physical energy and shows how to recharge the body.

Target with a heart.


Also, the mood affects productivity. oneatatime shows how to influence moods to get in to a more positive attitude and get the most out of stress.
And also, how to read and influence other people's emotions.

Target with a lightbulb.


oneatatime's goal is to make people create their own day instead of suffering it. It's an original and unique system for finding out where the time goes and make progress. oneatatime builds people's productivity starting at their own level of ability.


  • Employees learn to plan their day.
  • Give priority to important tasks.
  • Learn to be more energetic.


  • Requires little time: ~ 15 min/day
  • Follows your employees.
  • Helps them change.


  • It's useful also for personal time.
  • Installs continuous progress.
  • Compatible with other methods.

Why choose oneatatime?

People are an important investment, not only in cost terms. oneatatime takes care of your people, respecting their work habits, adapting to everyone.


The hardest thing to change in a company are work habits. People fiercely resist. Changing task and time management routines has to become a new habit.

Here's why oneatatime follows your people for, at least, 3 weeks (efficiently).


Where do people's time go? How much for organizing? How much for communication with colleagues and customers? How much time for important tasks?

oneatatime makes people record how time is invested and brings up awareness.


With oneatatime you find out that few people plan their day. The consequence is that people react to daily events instead of taking the initiative.

With oneatatime tasks are planned the day before, also deciding how much time to invest in each task.


oneatatime will take care of your people following a path designed for changing them permanently. They will learn how to plan their time ahead, have more energy, guide their emotions and govern their commitments.

1 Setup

First thing, we will meet for organizing the oneatatime program. We will decide who will be involved and set the calendar.

2 oneatatime Workshop

This is the first meeting with your employees. We will share the oneatatime system and show the science it is based on. We will cover the system's 3 pillars: the body, the emotions, and the mind. At the end of the day we will assign homework for every day until the next meeting.

3 Homework's week

During this week, your employees will do the homework assigned at the end of the workshop. They will practice recording their activities, to understand how they use their time, they will practice planning the day, to learn investing their time wisely. They will monitor their energy level, creativity and mood. They will be assisted online participating in a dedicated private group.

4 One-on-one meetings

One week after the workshop, we will organize one-on-one meetings with all, to assist with troubles they found during the homework week. We will discuss the obstacles they found and, together, we will create new tactics and strategies for tackling tasks.

5 Two weeks of homework

Your employees will practice the system for another two weeks and will be assisted in the group every day. We will further support them in their struggles with change and help them learn new tactics and strategies for managing tasks.

6 Final meeting

During the final meeting, they will share their experience and the strategies and tactics they developed during the journey with their peers. It will be the last meeting.

Follow up

You can ask us to continue assisting people, after the last meeting, for further 3, 6 or 12 months.


If you wish, contact us writing at oneatatime@hugowiz.it because we will be glad to answer your questions.

Or you can schedule a 30 minutes call for answering your questions.
Select the day and time from the calendar and you will receive an e-mail with the link for a Google Meets video call.

Contact me!


Ugo Mendes Donelli

Creator of the oneatatime system, strategy innovation expert, speaker, innovation teacher in Masters, Italian editor of 4 important Innovation books: Business Model Generation, Ten types of innovation, Gear up, The 4 lenses of innovation.

He created the oneatatime system because he was unhappy with the time management methods that are taught in the business. Those methods don't address the physical level, the body and neglect the influence of emotions in productivity. Also, they don't take into account the time that is needed for settling new habits. Lastly, they treat people as if they were all the same (as robots) and insist in using the same method for all.

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Portrait: Ugo Mendes Donelli - Hugowiz