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Legal information


We respect you and the data you submit to this website. We have paid attention to ask only for the data that is useful for fullfilling your requests.
We will use the data only for the explicit use that is stated in the form you submit. For instance: if you submitted a contact form, then we will use your data only for contacting you and never for sending advertisement or newsletters or other s**t.

We will not share the data you submitted to us with other companies.

We are doing our homework and will keep your data safe and we will delete it if it is no longer needed for the purpose you submitted it.
For instance: if you don't answer to our contact email or call, then we will delete your data from our storage forever.

You can contact Hugowiz (the company that provides the oneatatime) for any request regarding your data.

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Don't copy without permission! It's bad!


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