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Certified Professional oneatatime Trainers

People you can trust as proficient in training, and coaching in the oneatatime System

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Hire skilled people and avoid bad surprises.

Relying on people with a certified skill is much better.
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Certification program

The oneatatime Professional trainer certification program allows you to find oneatatime trainers you can trust. We accept only exceptional people who are required to show the required motivations and skill to be able to deliver an outstanding consulting and facilitation service. They must prove proficient in the understanding, application and facilitation of oneatatime system.

It is not enough to attend a trainer workshop. Beforehand, we require the candidates to comply with the values of oneatatime, and then to show actual outstanding results in facilitating people following the oneatatime system.

Here you can find people you can trust in taking care of people, helping them change, and grow.

You can get certified

oneatatime system is just starting, as it's certification program.

If you wish to show interest in the certification program, and would like to be taken into consideration for becoming part of the oneatatime certified professionals community, please write a motivated e-mail to: certification.oneatatime@hugowiz.it

Thank you for your kind interest!

List of Certified Professional oneatatime Trainers

Alessandro Poerio

The Businessman

He is one of the few who witnessed the birth of oneatatime, he knows all the whys and the hows. If you want to hire one of the best oneatatime Certified Professional Trainers, then he is the right choice.
And there are more reasons to choose him.

Alessandro is one of the highest skilled professionals that you will meet in your life.
He is the CEO of FORTYTWO a company that is one of the best in Italy in Innovation and Strategy consulting, with a flair in visual approaches and design. He is a Professor in Innovation & Business Design in a prestigious Design Academy. He has been CEO of many regional branches of multinational companies and CFO for some of the most successful multinational groups.
He is also certified Master Level in The Hero Plan innovation methodology, one of only two in the world.

He is worth of your trust, because I never failed to witness him deliver above his promises.
His long experience in managing people makes following his lead and respecting his opinion completely natural. I warmly recommend him when you have to deal with top and senior managers or resources with a strong character.

Alessandro Poerio - oneatatime certified professional trainer - portrait

Alessandro Poerio

He has seen the birth of oneatatime and knows all the tricks.


Italian and French fluently
Business English


In person: Italy
Online: Italy, France

Dario Ramerini

The Humanist

Dario is one of the first persons to take interest in oneatatime. He has followed the development of the system and, used it for himself, and was one of the first to facilitate people in adopting the system.

Dario is an exceptional human being with a wide range of experience in many domains. He took charge of a jewellery company that was in great difficulty, and turned it around thanks to his intuition, practical wisdom, and hard work. He cleaned up the inventory, restructured the debts, renewed the relationship with customers around the world (Europe, USA, Russia, Emirates), and revived the value proposition. He saved the company.

But his heart is into people and purpose. He has written 2 books about the ceremony of sale and a comic to educate children to look for their own talent. He is actually launching a branding method he created with Elena Tavelli, for connecting the heart of a brand with the hearts of the customers. His humanist approach has been proven to be key in creating lasting intangible value propositions.

As a oneatatime trainer, expect him to win the hearts of the people he will facilitate, and to share his wisdom in philosophy, etymology, and classic literature to win the minds. You will notice how people readily build bonds and trust with Dario. Choose Dario if you want a consultant with a light gentle touch that earns lasting results.

Dario Ramerini - oneatatime certified professional trainer - portrait

Dario Ramerini

This handsome man is very creative and has more business experience than you can believe


Italian and English fluently


In person: Italy
Online: Italy