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How good are you at managing time?

Take this test!

Find out your time management score, and understand if you can improve!

oneatatime time management test is the only one considering how your body, your emotions, your mind contribute to time management.

oneatatime time management test

This time management test i different from the ones you will find online.


This test is different because it takes into account many factors that contribute to good time and task management: fisical energy, mood, and mind. The other time management methods target the mind, organizazion aspects exclusively, oneatatime does more. So, now, you can take a time management test that is complete, and that gives you the opportunity of learning which aspects to improve, and where to invest your efforts because you will know where you are weaker.


The test consists of a variable number of questions between 60 and 100. Set aside an adequate amount of time to calmly answer the test questions, and answer sincerely: the test is absolutely anonymous.

At the end of the test you will receive a percentage score for your time management competence:

  • Overall scoprire
  • Body score: how you manage and recharge your energy
  • Emotional score: how you deal with situations
  • Cognitive score: how you organize

For each sentence, that you will find in the test, you will be able to express how much it corresponds to your case and you will be able to choose between:

not at all
The sentence doesn't correspond to your situation
not quite
The sentence seldomly corresponds to your situation
You can't decide if the sentence correspond to your situation
fair enough
The sentence corresponds to your situation most of the time
The sentence describes your situation

Now all you have to do is give consent to processing your data and proceed with the test!

Privacy, data processing, and cookies


The software needed for running the test won't record any personal data, and it won't be possible to match your answers to your person. The data that will be recorded by the test is: your answers, a randomly generated code that is used to identify the session for computing your score correctly, time and date of the test, and, if you have input it, the code of the oneatatime course you are attending to.

Your answers are anonymous.

Data processing

Your answers are anonymous, and will be recorded in a database. The information will be used to compute your score, and for statistical purposes. In case you are enrolled in a oneatatime course, the answers will be used also for characterizing the whole course, and it won't be possible to match them with your person, but only with the course you are taking.


The software needed for executing the test, and computing your score records a cookie for returning a correct score, even if you should take the test many times. This will allow you to take the test in the future for discovering if you have progressed. The test won't set cookies for tracing your navigation.